Sunday, May 20, 2012

American Warships

Oh Syfy, syfy syfy.....
Look it's not even that "Battleship" had a chance in hell of being a good film.  It was a lazy film that ripped of all the rotten parts of the "Transformers" series like pack of hyenas on crack.  So did you and the Asylum have to go and rip off the bad parts of "Battleship?"  Is this the new auto-cannibalism of Hollywood today?

Anyway, look if you've seen the preview for "Battleship," you basically know the plot for the underwear stain.  An old warship is chugging around when there's a sudden attack that knocks out the electrical equipment of all the other ships and planes.  So now our only hope is Mario Van Peebles on an old ship looking for invisible alien ships.

By the way.  The special (ha!) effects can barely handlle INVISIBLE ships.  Think about that, let it set in.  Ok, then they have to do aliens.  Oh lord, they are the worst CGI I've seen.  Clunky and confusing and yet meaningless...oh wait I was just describing the acting. 


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