Wednesday, May 30, 2012

When You Need Your Buzz Killed, Some Really Depressing Songs

The thing that makes this sad is the narrator just doesn't realize how pathetic he really is.

Through much of the show the American chess player is a sociopathic butt hole, but this song gives him some unexpected death. Like OLD the character's defensive denials keeps him from total realization that makes it just that much sadder.

This is one that depresses me because of the history of Jim Morrison.

Another song that gains depth because of its singer. Freddie we still miss you.

Metallica + "Johnny Get Your Gun" = mega down beat.

This is depressing in context of the movie, breaking glass. It represents the total final dehumanization of the heroine.

The same thing here. This is Pink's fairwell to the world. What wakens from the drug coma is no longer Pink.

This sounds upbeat till you really think about it.

Another song where someone loses their soul/self

Mad World is just a given.

Come on, you can do a whole book of depressing Cohen songs. Hey Lennie, get a hot dog!

The gold standard of pain

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  1. Quite the collection of downer songs. Agreed, we still miss Freddie and Pink Floyd's Comfortably Numb is one to bring you down deep under the wall...