Sunday, May 13, 2012

10 Comic Books That Should Be Made Into Movies #7: Doom Patrol

What ever incarnation you choose "The Doom Patrol," tends to be the funkiest group of superheroes around. Of course, I'd choose the Grant Morrison run because it don't get more freaky than having your base being an intelligent transvestite STREET. Yeah, we are talking super weird.

The gang at tha point was made up of the brilliant but cold Chief. Robot Man who despite being just a brain in a robot's body was the heart of the group, if rather grudgingly so. Crazy Jane who had a different super power for each of her personalities, and Rebus who was once Negative Man and later Negative Woman and now is a fusion of the two.

This odd group would fight threats like a book that tried to eat the world, or the Brotherhood of Dada. Perhaps the strangest episode involved the relationships between Robot Man, his new independently AI robot body and two of his oldest foes. It's not every day your life is saved by ABC gum.

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