Thursday, May 17, 2012

Assault Girls

Nice title.  Sounds exciting.
There's some interesting things here.  It plays sort of like "The Matrix" except with no real stakes.  In the future there's a boring narrator who's way to into the different economic systems of the 20th century.  The upshot is folks now live in substainable misery and now play a game in a virtual world to make life better.  The world doesn't look all that better though.  It's basic desert on desert with sand wormy things armed with rockets.  Hooo ray.

Our unlikely, and unlikeable, band of heroes are coax together by some overarching dungeon master and together they learn to work together.  Each character looks cool and has a cool code name.  Unfortunately they are as dull as ditch water.  Seriously, they should be called the novacaine mob.

So we have a very pretty movie that's essentially about nothing starring folks we couldn't give a tinker's cuss about, and around here boyos we take our tinker's cuss purty durn serious.  So if you like Japanese films or a rabid sf fan well it might give you some costume ideas for the next con.

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