Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Ten Comic Books That Should Be Made Into Films #3: Thunderbolts

Let's face it, most super hero groups are boring.   They generally end up like the Justice League where one guy does all the heavy lifting and we wonder why they let Hawkman in to play (Hey, I can... um... fly.)  Sometimes a group can be brought to life with a good writer but it never lasts and eventually it lapses again into a series of slug fests. 

The Thunderbolts at leas offer up something a little different.  They were the new hero group in the Marvel Universe after the regulars got blasted to somewhere else for a short duration.  On the face they were a pretty standard team looking like a knock off of the Avengers.  Underneath, though, there was a secret that made the Thunderbolts very different.

See they were all villains.  All ex-Avenger villains to be exact.  They have changed costumes and identies because Baron Zemu, AKA Citizen V, decided to use the lack of super heroes to their benefit.  They'd gain the trust of the public and use it to their evil advantage.  The funny thing is when you start to play the hero sometimes you actually become a hero.

This would work best as a TV series so we can get like flashbacks of what these guys were like before and what they are turning into.  It would be awesome if there was some Avengers/Thunderbolt crossover like maybe a Nick Fury cameo.  Come on Marvel build those franchises!

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