Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Mutant Beast (AKA The Milpitas Monster)

Now if you must see a bad film, this is the type you should support.  Made somewhere between 1974 and 76, this is truly a labor of love.  It was made originally my Milpitas high school students (Milpitas is a small town about an hour away from San Francisco) and then the whole town took up the banner.  If you live in Milpitas you will see a lot of local personalities from radio and TV.  Even if you've never been there, the love for the town comes through.  Specially in the beginning narrated section. 

The story is basically a giant monster story.  Pollution has caused something (never clear what it was) to mutate into a giant moth man with what looks like a gas mask.  The special effects are bad, but by high school standards are what you would expect.  The acting is bad but energetic and enthusiastic.  Everyone is thrilled for their one minute of fame.  There's nothing new here, but the whole thing flows fast so all in all by bad film standards it's positively painless.

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