Sunday, May 20, 2012

10 Comic Books That Should Be Made Into Movies #4: Girl Genius

I'm not much of a name dropper. But I once had the good fortune to meet Phil Foglio at a SF convention. At the time he was still mostly known as "The guy who does sex and D&D." But even then you could see that he had a lot of raw talent and was just a fantastically funny guy. Since then he has done several comic series from the pun filled "Myth Adventures" to the sex and pun filled "XXXenophile." Lately, he's been doing an online comic with lovely wife Kaja called "Girl Genius."

Girl Genius is set in alternate Victorian style world where "mad" science has created a lot of advance technology. Agatha Heterodyne is one such person. She has what is called "The Spark" which allows her to enter into a savant state of hyper focus. She's good with electrical devices and other mechanisms. She falls into the heated political state of Europa which is in the middle of the "Baron's Peace," which basically translates as "I have the biggest guns."

It's all a fine series of adventures and romances and it done in a fast pace and humorous style. After reading alot of gritty superhero comics it is certainly a palette cleanser.  Besides we need more movies with a strong (and FUNNY) female lead.

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  1. Seems like a viable choice. Get some of the actresses who could play her to read it and get it made!