Friday, May 25, 2012

The Tenant

Now here is the equivalent of simple comfort food, except with more screaming of course.  No new ground is broken here, but what we have here a certain amount of craftsmanship and a well told tale.  It begins decades ago in an asylum/pre-haunted house.  Our doctor isn't mad but he's highly irrate.  After a life of being held back by a bad leg he is searching for a way to clear up such conditions in the womb.  He thinks he's so close but his mania for his project has put the asylum in crisis and a serious hole in his pocket.  His wife has had enough and tells him he has to quit because she's pregnant.  The head nurse/igor hears this and she is mad, in both ways.  The doctor can't stop his project!  So she injects the baby with the latest batch while still in the womb.  Smart move.  The wife has twins but one twin is twisted pretty bad and kills the mother in childbirth.  Later the Doctor goes over to fenced in cradle with a teddy bear and a gun.

Things do not go as planned.

Cut to the present.  A van full of deaf kids, an ex con, our heroine, and guy who wants to be Bruce Campbell but isn't up to it are driving in a bad storm.  Van goes blooey.  They find asylum/haunted house.  Have brain fart storm that going in is a marvelous idea.  Let the blood bath commence.  None of these characters here are terribly original, but the actors try to make a good go of it.  I like that some of the victims of deaf, it does change things up a little.  The beast is pretty nasty but still human enough that it sometimes generates a little sympathy for its condition.  The violence is pretty brutal but thankfully not to the level of Hostel or other torture pornish films.  Overall a good old fashioned horror movie.

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