Thursday, December 30, 2010

Blackest Night

I finally got a collected edition of the first bit of the "Blackest Night" story line. Of course with the Green Lantern movie coming out the folks at DC decide to change everything. Makes perfect sense to me. Now there isn't just green rings, but there are rings of color of the rainbow including black which isn't a color unless you are goth or a comic book writer.

The idea of blackest night is fairly simple. It's marvel zombies with power rings. A bunch of stiffs are given black rings and can come back to terrorize the living. The collection I have has Batman and Robin being terrorized by undead parents and the Teen Titans being terrorized by zombies of past friends, lovers, and villains.

Ok, the idea has some appeal, but as I noted marvel zombies has already trampled this bit of unreal estate. Also, it just doesn't hang well with the past. Why do the black rings now? It just seems rather scatter shot overall.

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