Thursday, December 16, 2010


Chronos has be released now as a re-released as a DVD and it's a good time to watch it again.  Guillermo Del Toro has certainly moved on to bigger projects like "Hellboy," but "Chronos" early on showed his wonderful creativity.  It holds up today just as strong as when it was first made in 1993.

It begins with an alchemist who thinks he has found the secret to immortal life.  Four hundred years later a very much transformed alchemist dies in Mexico.  The authorities keep quiet what they find in his house and sell what the can.  Years later a grandfather and granddaughter discover something special in the bust of an angel.  Unfortunately, a crazed industrialist and his dangerous nephew know about what was in the statue as well.  Grandfather learns a sad, hard lesson in imortality.

The film has a wonderful visual sense with its clock work bug engine.  It also has wonderfully drawn characters from the grandfather and granddaughter to the evil Angel with his fetish for plastic surgery.  Certainly a great film to introduce Del Toro's work.

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