Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Knight and Day

I am on record for NEVER liking Tom Cruise.  He was always a smirking ball of ego, and that was before couch jumping and telling folks to get over their mental illnesses already.  I have to be dragged into watching each of his films.  The damned thing though, is often as not he comes up with a good enjoyable film.  It's galling to like the film of someone you hate, but there it is.

Life is never easy.

In this one, Cameron Diaz is just on her way home and bumps into Tom Cruise in full crazy mode.  Turns out Tom is a super spy and is now basically killing everyone around Cameron Diaz as she understandably freaks out.  Tom Cruise is also putting on some "smooth moves" on her and drugging her at the drop of the hat.  Ladies, have you ever had a date like that?

The whole thing revolves around a tired and boring maguffin (some sort of super battery) and the villains are mostly boring.  Still, this is an engaging, silly film that never forgets that it is at heart a silly film.  There is some chemistry between Cruise and Diaz, so it becomes something like "True Lies," but with better diction (sorry ahnold), and is definitely worth a watch!

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  1. I agree with the usual 'smarminess' of Tom Cruise, he just has this 'look'. It is absent here and lets you enjoy the film as a 'Charlie's Angels-style fun run of kicking booty!'
    They did a parody-like bit of several films, Bond included, which kept the fun going and going.

    Perhaps age has softened some of the ego out of his eyes, or perhaps fatherhood did? Whatever, I would willingly try another new film of his because of this performance.