Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Things I Watch.

Oy Vey.

It's not easy reviewing things sometimes specially if you want to find those little oddities forgotten by the media as a whole.  So I watch a bunch of stuff, and generally I don't look at the hype before  I watch.  This blindness helps keep my expectations in check before a viewing.  Anyhoo, this all explains how I came to view "Otto, up with Dead People" one winter night.

The Title left me hopeful.  Maybe it was a comedy about dead people.  It didn't sound like it took itself seriously.  Ah, then I found it that it was from Germany.  Not to diss our European neighbors but Germany is not well noted for light laughter.

Still thre was hope...

Then it turned out that this was not to be.  See, the plot had some German artist lady trying to finish her big "Capitialism sucks" art film, and finding little zombie Otto was going to be her keystone to her monument to how bad blue jeans are. 

Ok, so maybe this can be a fun satire... I can be up for satire...

This nitwit decided that the best way to satirize capitialism is with zombies, gay zombies.  Gay zombies.  Sorry, I think I just blanked out there.  I mean, I just don't see zombies as being gay.  Ok, there was CHUD 2, Bud the Chud, but I think we can agree that that was really just a nightmare and didn't exist.  But I digress, I was sort of hoping for a light comedy and instead I get a German art house movie about gay zombies.

The things I watch....

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