Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Heather Graham looks so frail at first in this film it's hard to believe when after a nasty break up she beats up a total stranger for being a jerk.  That hidden hostility is what ExTerminators is about.  She's sent to an anger management class and there she meets women who are also carrying a lot of rage in their cages.  One of  them,Jennifer Coolidge, runs a pest control business.  Soon she starts expanding her business to the two legged variety of pests.  Will Heather help her, or will she fall for the nice cop who's on the case?

It's not quite a female "Fight Club," but it moves fast enough and light enough to be engaging viewing.  I really do like Heather Graham and I enjoyed this film.


  1. I saw it. I'm always surprised at how much work Jennifer gets, but I liked her in this.
    This isn't going to become a 'go-to' film for me, not nearly as perky or quirky as it could have been, but a light watchable movie without too much 'male bashing'. That may sound contradictory, but see it and then tell me you don't agree.