Friday, December 17, 2010

Tales From the Gimli Hospital

Right o, this is what would happen if David Lynch tripped into a time warp and was directing films in the early thirties in Iceland.  Well, actually this is happens when Guy Maddin a rogue canadian gets his hand on a camera, but I think you get the gist of the experience.

A mother is dying and so to distract the young children a tale is told.  It involves a plague and Einar the Lonely.  Having been afflicted, he must stay at the Gimli hospital where the helpful nurses put on a puppet show to keep patients minds off of their ongoing surgerical proceedures.  In the bed next to Einar is Gunnar who keeps everyone happy by telling strange tales of Iceland.  Einar becomes jealous of Gunnar, but it is Gunnar that discovers a terrible secret the binds them both.

This is definitely worth watching for the patient viewer.  Guy works hard to recapture the feel of old movies and I certainly floated along with it.  Give it a look.

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