Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Other Guys

I'm not a Will Ferrel fan to say the least.  I tend to not like man childs.  That's not to say he hasn't done funny things, it's just I'm not going to be first in line to one of his films.  This one is one of those exceptions that keep at least interested in what he's up to. 

"The Other Guys," is a parody of cop flicks and action movies and is pretty decent.  It starts off with super cops, played by Samual L. Jackson and "the Rock", doing what super cops do best.  Massive property destruction.  I loved spinning the double decker bus around and shooting the already crashed cop car out of it into the bad guys.  It was so loopy over the top the film won me over right there.

The other guys are Ferrel who is a geeky police accountant and Walberg who is the wanna be super cop.  After the real super cops die in a fit machoness, Walberg feels it is his turn.  Their quest is befouled mostly by themselves who are just not super cop material. 

Ferrel is particularly amusing as a nerd who somehow attracts every beautiful lady to him.  Walberg has his moments specially when he confuses a ballet studio with a strip club.  Michael Keaton is a stable anchor of comedy as their boss who also has a second job at bed, bath and beyond.  Steve Coogan once again shows he should have been in Monty Python with his wonderful delivery.   A great fun film, and if you look closely at the final credits you might learn something.

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