Sunday, December 12, 2010


War has always been hell, but on the whole i'd rather be blown up than chopped into little pieces. Just my own personal thing, and to each their own. That's why I find a film like "Centurion," gripping in a horrid way. It's all about different ways of being cut to pieces.

The film begins with our hero, roman Quintas Dias, in dire straits. He narrates however, that this is neither the beginning nor the end of his tale. What has happened is he is the only survivor of a pictish attack. Said attack started when some poor Roman bastard went to take a pee off the fort wall and wound up with a spear stuck up his water works. Things didn't get better after that.

Escaping from the picts he finds his way to the Ninth Legion led by General Virilus. He plans on using a mute pict girl to help route out the picts. Things don't work there either and soon Qintas and others are on the run in the middle of annoyed pict country.

This is a well done and well acted action film. It leaves out the stylization of say "300" and keeps things relatively gritty. Certainly worth a watch, just so you know what bad asses our ancestors were.

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