Friday, May 27, 2011

Another Really Bad Idea

This idea is bad as in it would be a disaster to use, but I like the logic of it. The idea flows like this. We are in deep debt as a country. If we had to pay it off it would be something like fifty thousand for every man woman and children. So when one is in debt one looks for assets that can be sold. We must have assets because people still want to come to this country. People want to come to this country so bad they are willing to pay thousands of dollars to break the law to sneak into this country...

Wait a moment..

Ok, here's the deal. We'll split the difference. For a mere twenty five thousand dollars a head you will become an automatic citizen of this country. No questions asked, no tests given. Pay us and BOOM you are a citizen. Why if we only get ten million takers that would be an instant 250 billion dollars in the till. In no time, we could be in the black! Because we have a name brand and the monopoly over it.

Now, I know this idea can't work. But doesn't it get you thinking about things just a little different? Have you considered what it is worth to be an american?

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