Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Inheritence

Old Dark House movies are an early staple of film. Get a bunch of folks together in a big isolated house, put in some bad weather, and add murder. The results can range from farce to terror. Like a lot of early genres and sub genres it has played itself out in recent years. So it's nice when I saw "The Inheritence," going back to form with enough different to keep things interesting.

Set in the middle of a snowy woods the house is not spooky looking at all, I'd love to spend some time there. Our heroes are five young black people who are all related. They belong to five families that are very rich and are generally looked over by the "elders." They have all come to the house in hopes of coaxing some money from these elders. Unfortunately, the inheritence in question is much darker. People start dying as odd looking straw face things start popping up. The Elders are far from helpful and have a very dark plan for these five.

Horror films have rarely been accused of being PCs. If you see a black person in a horror film it is generally of the "token black man" cliche. If you see an entire cast that is black it is generally "urban" in orientation. So it's a nice change of pace to see a horror film about young, educated, rich black people.

Of course being a horror film, a lot of them are going to die. Still, a step in the right direction....

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