Monday, May 30, 2011

Monster of the Day: Flagbots

Source:  Death!  War!  Live!
Location:  battlefield
Threat Assessment:  3.  Supposedly a non leathal application of robotics.  Flagbots are rather patriotically colored sheets of doped up carbon impregnated with faux muscular strands.  Dropped from a great height from bombers they glide down to the battlefield.  There they are programmed to find heat sources and wrap around them.  The theory is to immobilize troops without killing them.  In practice 20% die of suffication, and another 20% die of battlefield complications e.g. being wrapped up in a burning building.
Limitations:  Not very smart.  They aren't fast when they finally hit the ground.   Their system can be crashed with Tick Jigger.

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