Thursday, May 26, 2011

"The Drive In 2"

Billed as a sequel to Lansdale's first book "The Drive In," it continues the tale of the survivors of the unfortunate Orbit Drive In. Though they killed the Popcorn King and escaped things are far from over. They aren't in Kansas, or even Oklahoma. Instead they are in a weird b movie world filled with dinosaurs. Worse than dinosaurs there is Popalong Cassidy, a walking murderous TV set/gunslinger. Can our heroes (?) get over getting crucified long enough to fight the B movie gods?

A crazy novel filled with dark humor. It reads fast and loose as a rabid rattlesnake forcefed exlax. Not as good as the original (but then whatever is?), it still kicks its share of butt while still remaining thoughtful. Certainly if you red the first book you have to pick this sucker up and give 'er go.

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