Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thor: Tales of Asgard

This is a nice animated version of Thor.  More specifically it is a young teenage Thor learning some tough life lessons.  First lesson:  If you are the bosses son, the guys are going to let you win even when you shouldn't.  When he's clued in on that, it bums him mightily and he decides to go a quest to prove himself.

His dad Odin says no, but he sneaks aboard an asgardian ship with his brother Loki.   Their quest?  To seek the fabled flaming sword of Surtur.  Along with the warriors three they have a nice bar fight before getting serious.  But finding the sword is just the start of things.  Frost Giants are not happy and threaten a war, and there is a schemer behind everything.  Can Thor learn some important lessons BEFORE he's killed? 

It's all very nice animation with a good story.  It's not ground breaking or anything but kids will like it and adults won't feel the need to scratch their eyes out.

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