Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Seconds Apart

Ah twins. Twins can either be cute (those doublemint twins always looked like they'd be fun at a picnic), or in many films just creepy. I think the ten on the scale of twin creepiness has to be the dead little girls in "The Shining." Yeah I see those two in my hall I'm crapping my pants and beating land speed records at the same time.

The twins from "Seconds Apart" rate a good solid 8 on this scale. Even if you didn't know that they had evil twin powers you would be spooked seeing these freaks in your class. They have the thousand mile stare, they are too touchy with each other, and they look like they've raided Harry Potter's closet. They would probably be bullied, but even most bully's wouldn't want to touch them for fear... well of something.

What folks don't know is that these two have massive psychic powers to control minds and perception. They are now putting that psychic power to psycho use as the force people to kill themselves as they watch. Only one lone cop is willing to believe the unbelievable and tries to figure out how these two are doing the killings and why.

The film is darkly interesting, and a general step above a lot of films in this category. Well filmed, a nice script with some nasty little surprises at the end, it's definitely worth a watch for horror fans.

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