Monday, May 30, 2011

My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding

Normally I avoid TLC like the proverbial plague, heck like an ACTUAL plague. Once it was a channel along the lines of discovery but has since gone through a dark and horrid transformation into a weird baby machine freak show. With that being said, I had to see this as I've always been interested in Gypsies.

To be fair, this isn't about the Rom per se but Irish Travellers. So it's a bit of a different culture than I was hoping for. It was still a fascinating and sad two hours. The girls were so ingrained in their culture that they saw nothing wrong with being taken out of school at a 11 and married at 16. The weddings were the highlight of their entire life and they would willingly suffer bruises and bleeding in wearing the most gaudy of dresses. Even the little girls would wear dresses that would weigh TWICE their own weight. They looked like if tinkerbell was both a hooker and got hit with an electric shock.

This show is definite proof that there are somethings you just can't unsee. I might be a little wiser but I'm also a lot sadder.


  1. o.0

    Those dresses! Woaaaaaah.

  2. I guess there is never too much ice cream or too much dress for some people