Friday, May 27, 2011

Burning Palms

Well you really can't judge a book by its cover or a DVD by its slipcase. In this one, it was described as a "satire" of "Hollywood types." Oh joy, something like "The Player." I could do with a little satire.


Ok one tale "Buyer's remorse," might be considered satire. But even that had some images I wish I had mind bleach for. The rest are pretty much psychological horror stories. They are even joined together in the same comic book style as "Creepshow." In fact, if I was the netflix editors I would have described this as "Creepshow with no monsters and all creeps."

Some of the stories are darkly interesting. The one with the father and daughter who are WAAAAY too close has a fascinating ick factor. The story of the poor asian chick who just wants to please her boyfriend is pure Poe, if Poe had added kinky sex to his stories. The rest are just ick with not enough meat to make the shower afterwards worth it.

By the way the trailer is bit more accurate when it describes the film as "5 films that will mess you up for life." Not quite that bad, but better than "Satire" with "Hollywood types."

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