Monday, May 30, 2011

A Somewhat Gentleman

This is a post crime drama from Norway. Our man is just getting out of prison. You can see he's not really digging the idea of freedom, but what is someone going to do right? Once out, he meets his old boss and he gets a job and a room. It seems though like a prison without bars. He tries to connect with his son, and he tries to be a good man, but the pressure is for him to go back to crime. Even when he is being good he finds himself having to be violent like when he sees a girl he likes being beaten by her ex husband. What is an ex convict to do?

It's not a fast pace film, and that's good. It's thoughtful, and quiet, and lets the pressure build slowly. A bit of warning in that it has some of the ugliest sex on screen. Like having sex with "moma" from "Throw Moma from the Train." ugly. Other than that, it's a nifty little film about a man seemingly trapped.

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