Saturday, May 28, 2011

Quick Draw Okatsu

Ah, this is a sixties female samurai flick.  If you haven't seen one, they are certainly worth looking at once.  They tend to be pretty much along the same lines, but then so are westerns.  It's the variations of the theme and the personalities of the actors that make them what they are.

The story here is simple, Okatsu is the daughter of a sensei of a famous sword school.  As such she has learned her father's skills, but of course being a woman she's not going to take over the school from him.  Unfortunately, her brother who should take over the school just isn't into it.  In fact, he runs away with a girl.  Things get complicated when a corrupt magistrate decides to use the situation to his advantage.  He tries to take the school, and Okatsu's body.  Soon enough father and brother are dead and Okatsu who has been wronged now seeks vengeance on all who crossed her.

It's an exciting action packed story.  The sword play is fine and it thankfully doesn't get too kinky or anything.  Everyone has their acting knob turned to "11" which might not be the best dramatically but is certainly very fun.

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