Monday, May 30, 2011


Not to be confused with the anime. This is a japanese vampire film that covers pretty much old ground. There's something of a triangle between a female vampire, a yakuza style vampire, and the newly created vampire detective. The action is fairly good and the colors are very rich. There's a nice look to the film over all. I also liked that in this version you have to have the right blood to be made into a vampire or else you end up as ash. Also if you do become a vampire you can't die. The best that can be done is you get reduced to ash and put into a box. Sort of makes you wish for the old stake in the heart doesn't it?


  1. How tough would it be to BE conscious ash, in a box, forever...? That would be Madness. (yes, capitalized Madness)

  2. Some say hell is other people, but being ash in an itty bitty box has to count.