Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Well last night's Alphas went totally X men. I wasn't surprised. You can't tell a story like that of Alphas where you have two very different groups of people in conflict. Our "Magneto" here is an alpha that the good doctored tried to help in the past and failed. His power was basically a form of super probablity perception. In effect, like Big Blue, he saw the world like a chess board twenty moves ahead of everyone else. His problem was he was incapable of mentally accepting the idea that the rest of us couldn't see the same chess board. This led to paranoia and that led to him becoming dangerous and being sent to the place where "dangerous alphas" are sent to.

Well, in this episode he escapes and stalks his old doctor because he's convince that the doctor in part of the new plans occurring at his facility. "It's not group therapy and ping pong anymore," he darkly jokes. When he becomes convinced that doctor isn't a part of it, he changes his goals and rather wants to radicalize the doctor over what is happen. He warns there is a war that will happen between alphas and normals unless the doctor "takes over the chessboard."

The action of the episode wasn't that great apart from some interesting escapes of our "villain." The team didn't get to strut much either. We did get a good look at the forces that drive the doctor and I think that ground work is going to be important for future episodes. It's also good we get a glimpse that the government isn't just letting alphas running around being super.

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