Monday, July 25, 2011

Breaking Bad

Nothing really happens this episode and that's a good thing.  After all the intensity of season opener there's a need for everyone to breath for a moment.  To learn how to cope with some pretty horrible thing.  Jesse copes by complete utter denial.  He goes back to drugs and thuggery and has a week long party.  Pausing only to work and to send some guilt money to the rehab girl he had tried to enlist as a drug seller.

Our man Walt is coping by being trying to figure out how to kill Gus.  His denial is that it is self defense.  Walt, self defense is not marching over to the man's house with a concealed gun.  Specially when it was made clear to him that Gus wants nothing more to do with him except his ability to cook drugs.  Still, Walt can't take this.  As Mike said, "Learn to take 'yes' for an answer."

Poor Hank, he's trying.  He's working hard in rehab.  But he hates feeling weak and his wife is taking the brunt of Hank's self hate.  It's getting pretty heated there.  It doesn't help that Hank has gotten a weird need to collect minerals.  Maybe the idea that rocks don't change appeals to him.  Whatever, when your husband seems to care more about a rock than you, it's a low tide mark in the old relationship.  Specially, when you are also at the time in charge bed pan cleanings.

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