Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hobo With A Shotgun

A lot of folks are leery of violence in the media. Studies do seem to indicate that it might not be the best thing for you. But then neither is fine wine, or a really good ham. Sometimes you just have to weigh the negatives and then say "What the hell." Of course there is always overdoing a thing. It's one thing to have a glass of pinot, it's another thing to wear a box of wine on your head, before it gets emptied. Still, if you are able to handle it, for absolute overkill in violence for the year 2011 I give you dear readers "Hobo with a shotgun."

Starring Rutger Haur as the Hobo, the movie does not have the plot line of a Russian novel. Our hobo drops into a town. All he wants to do is scratch enough money for a lawn mower so he can make a little more money. The American dream really. But the town is full of low lifes, no lower lifes, no no the lowest lifes you can think of. These are the guys that love taking off heads in the middle of the street because they know they are invulnerable. Our Hobo saves a hooker from their mitts and gets beaten up and stabbed by both the cops and the thugs for his trouble. Finally, fed up with it all he takes the money he has and buys a shot gun and he is NOT shy in using it. Anyone that is even a bit scummy winds up with a shotgun up against their head.

The people have a new hero!

But it can't last forever, the bad guys decide that the only way to take care of the Hobo is to become even more freaky evil and scare the town so badly that the town will hunt the Hobo down. A few choice events like taking a flamethrower to a school bus full of kids and their plan starts to work. It all ends in epic carnage as the Hobo reloads.

Really folks, trust me here. This is violence on violence with a dollop of violence on top. It is not for the everybody, and probably shouldn't be for anyone. After that being said though, it is stylish, it moves like greased lightning, and it has a sick sense of humor. Accept no other armed homeless person!

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