Friday, July 29, 2011

Last Night's Futurama

We all have levels of silliness we are willing to take. I was amused reading a review of last night's Futurama because the author felt that the show just accelerated past that level and became way too silly. His basic complaint was, "I will accept a science that will put a head in a jar full of liquid and said heads will accept their new head fish life without much problems. I will not, however, accept that licking head juice will take you back to the time that the head originally came from. That's just too silly."

I feel for the Author I do. I remember having fits over "Waterworld," not because it was a bad movie but because Kevin was recycling his own pee into water, IN THE MIDDLE OF A FRICKING OCEAN. Still, I'll have to disagree with the author since silly or not I found last night's episode just incredibly funny. For me, funny will excuse you a lot of silly. Remember that dear readers as a bit of salt for any review of mine.

Last night, they did indeed after a presidential head party (where Jefferson was dealing hemp rope to Hermes and Grant was puking in the bushes, or should I say Bushes.) discover that head bong water has time travel potential. Being stung by one bad branch on his family tree (Fry doesn't count) Professor Farnsworth laps up some Washington juice and goes back with Fry, Leela, and Bender to colonial america. The jokes fly even faster in the past with digs for example of the "Big Dig" in Boston, and jokes about where one can find Ben Franklin. We even get to see Franklin's best invention, "The Franklinator" which is a badger on a stick.

I could use one of those.

Of course, things don't resolve as easily as they should and our group come back to a Britishfied america. Which leads to a whole slew of Brit jokes that are as obvious as being slapped with a fish, but I still found funny. Definitely give last night's episode a look.

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  1. Agreed. It was silly but in a good way. Sometimes disbelief in the power of head water with opalescence needs to be overlooked for the sake of how funny the ride is.