Thursday, July 28, 2011

13 Assassins

A real problem with many forms of government concerns relations. Oh sure you might have a mighty king, but what about his brother? In "13 Assassins" we have a mighty shogun and his less than mighty relation. Well, he's mighty in that he has a lot of troops related to him, but he's a PR nightmare waiting to happen. He's the sort that will rape a newlywed wife then kill the husband, just cause. Obviously, you can't have this moron walking around. Unfortunately, you can't just tell him to go home.

Because of this, a group of samurai come up with a plan to take him out without having to make it official. They track his movements, guide them, and eventually have him enter a small town. A town they have rigged up with death traps. It's going to be 13 samurai versus 200 warriors. I pity the warriors.

This is an incredibly visual film. It is also well thought out. It is its own film and an homage to the "Seven Samurai." Really, when you consider everything, lighting, photography, acting... well it's just incredible. It is by far the best film involving flaming bulls ever.

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