Sunday, July 10, 2011

They Feed

It sucks.

It comes by its suckiness honestly at least. Obviously made for a buck ninety five by people who probably spent half of that budget on alcohol. We have a charmless, clueless, meandering film of disposable people meandering around a forest getting disposed of by giant worms. There are a bunch of young nothings there supposedly looking for a lost plane, and there are cops looking for poachers. There are also giant worms looking for a meal. Everyone mixes together and for the most part the worms win. The end.

The special effects for the worms are as bad as you think they are. Half the time they look like brown turds with plush teeth. I will say they somehow get them to have this vibrating look though which gives them a surprising amount of life. Shame they couldn't extend that to the whole of it.

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