Friday, July 22, 2011


Well this is the best episode so far in this season of Futurama. I like when they center on Leela cause she's generally the voice of reason for the crew so when she's thrown into the insanity head first there is even more comic tension. The episode starts innocently as Leela wants to tell the orphans a good story. Trouble is Leela has absolutely no imagination. Not being able to find a quiet place to write she takes the space ship to someplace quiet. When she comes back she has a story that not only the orphans like, but also a TV executive who decides to make it into a show.

While she doesn't go absolutely Bender about it, it becomes clear as the show becomes a hit that it has all gone to her head. One doesn't have to be Sherlock to smell something not right with this and in true Futurama fashion everything goes topsy turvy. The really nice bit is that what happens to Leela is both perfectly in character and perfectly funny. Besides a good strong story, this episode has some nice digs on children TV. I don't know about you good readers, but I'd watch "Dora the Destroyer."

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  1. It was a pleasing episode from start to finish, maybe for all the reasons you mentioned, I tend not to analyze why.