Monday, July 11, 2011

Pepper Penwell and the Land Creature of Monster Lake

Oh this is just delightful. This is a funny little graphic novel that is mostly a fun take on the "Nancy Drew" type detective story. Put it in a world where magic is acknowledged, and add some fun characters and dialogue and you have a peppy story about Pepper. Pepper is so great at solving mysteries that she's kicked out of her private school for making it look like a den of inequity.

Travelling with her brother, who had accidently turned himself into a bird, they go out to the country. But it's not a vacation romp. Nope there's a girl mysteriously missing and rumors of a giant monster roaming around the lake. Who's to blame? The crazy corporate druid? The Semi Mad Scientist with the smoking hot son that Pepper would love to date? Or could it be someone else?

Really the mystery doesn't matter so much as the little bits. I love that Pepper keeps track of how often she's knocked out or drugged. I love the little details about past cases ("See they poisoned this non poisonous snake!"). The art work is spot on, and is detailed yet breezy. Any world with prize winning Norwegian Screaming Roses is worth the time to investigate I say. Find this and give her a good reading!

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