Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Syfy on Mondays

I'm actually fairly happy. There are still some folks with braincells on the television series side of the Syfy family. When Syfy is not making horrid films, or doing orrid docushows, or doing.. shudder.. pro wrestling, they can put together a nice, easy, breezy hour of TV fun.

First the return of Eureka. Nothing much new here at least at first. Our gang have created a problem and now must work together to fix things. The problem in question is sending up a spacecraft using 1960 technology and FTL drive. What can go wrong? Well, in this case how about a fender bender with the International Space Station? Luckily all works out well in the end, except it looks like outside forces are gathering against our brainy little town.

After that we have Warehouse 13. Another returning show and another fun episode. Right now there's a bit of a personal flux and we have a new agent in the form of Agent Jinx who can tell if anyone is lying to him. While useful, our regulars are pining for the old lineup. It's all a bit of fun and it's great seeing the Warehouse represented again for a new set of eyes.

The big question tonight was whether "Alphas" was going to fail ala "Heroes" or if it would have some potential. Judging from the pilot I would say ... definitely has potential.

THe Alphas are sort of low powered super heroes. We don't get Superman, but we do get a guy that can get as strong as a bull if given a moment to pump himself up. We also have someone who has some mind control powers, a girl who can sharpen her senses, and a rather autistic kid who can literally tune in to the electromagnetic spectruum. One nice thing is we aren't given a big origin story here. We are basically introduced to them as an already working unit who are on a case. We can already see how they annoy each other and compliment each other. I like how they definitely have social problems but not grand dramatic problems.

Overall, I'm definitely going to watch this one for a bit at least.


  1. I am a watcher of both Eureka and Warehouse 13 and was happy with both episodes. They put the two 'at conflict over the girl' characters together to deal with a potentially deadly situation and more was revealed than perhaps should have been.
    Warehouse 13 picked a great potential replacement for our regular gone home. The special truth telling ability will be a nice addition if he makes it through and gives us also of two in field agent pairs...
    I didn't have the issue with Heroes that you must have had, and I didn't catch the opening show of Alphas, I will try to add it to my record list and see what it's about.

  2. I have now had the chance to watch the pilot of Alphas and it will be interesting. I like their team leader, he has human compassion and bristles at the lack of it from 'the one in charge'.