Monday, July 18, 2011

Breaking Bad is Back!

Well, it took them long enough. Now I have a reason to stay up late on Sunday nights. Judging from last night episode it should be another stellar season of dark suspense and humor. My cup of poison.

Our heroes wind up in their lab waiting for their boss Gus. As a counterpoint to their plan to kill Gale to save Walter, Gus' thug Victor starts cooking. This annoys Walter more than anything and he can't help but comment on how sloppy Victor is. When Gus comes the begging starts. It's not a spoiler to say someone ends up dead. What makes it a great scene is how the suspense is milked to its upmost as our very clean Gus changes into a hazmat suit for a bit of wet work. In the end, a message was delivered to Walt that will form the kernal of the season.

What Gus said was, "Get back to work."

What Gus meant was, "I may not be able to kill you, but I can make you wish for death."

Can't wait to see what happens!!

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