Monday, May 7, 2012

Mutant Man

Well well well, someone was trying to reach their inner Ed Wood Jr. with this one.  Trouble is, bad movie fans forget that Ed Wood's saving grace was that he was serious.  Barking cat mad, but very serious.  Aping an Ed Wood feel just as often as not leads to bad bad rather the epic bad that folks were shooting for.  Here, I have to admit they get a little closer to Ed Wood madness than usual.  It's all in the acting folks.  These folks I swear were released from facility for the theatrically insane.  They grit their teeth like bad roads after a blizzard.  Their eyes bug out like chameleons.  One fellow has so many nervous ticks he looks like an understudy for Michael J. Fox (sorry Michael).  Put it all together and it's like nothing you've seen before.

The plot is non plot.  Random people are camping.  Evil family has a mutant man.  People die.  The devil is in the detail and here it plays just insane and sometimes surprisingly porny.  For example, one scene the RV is stuck on the side of the road.  Motorcycle cop comes and gives grief.  As he grief gives a police car stops and two officers come out.  But both men have their shirts completely unbuttoned and definitely flirt with the ladies.  The ladies say they should come camping with them, they say but we are cops, and she basically says you can be cops any time come camping with us now.  Amazingly enough they do, and I kept waiting for the seventies porn music to start playing over this scene at any time.  Booo chucka wa waaa.

So this is a crazy film.  It is a bad film.  But if you are a bad movie fan it is definitely worth a look.

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  1. Another review that outshines the movie! Gotta hope they keep putting them out so you can do your writing magic with them.