Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Guilty Pleasure

"The Snowball Express," isn't really a Christmas film, but I see it every Christmas and it is indeed a guilty pleasure.  Made by disney it is a Dean Jones  vehicle, which must be something like a gremlin.  Anyway, our hero is a put upon dad and husband who quits his boring old job and takes the family to Colorado when he inheriets a hotel.   Said hotel is a dog though, perhaps not so much a dog but rather a child's drawing of a dog left on the floor to be stepped on by muddy shoes.  Yeah, it's bad.  But Keenan Wynn wants to buy the place, so it must have some worth.  Dean decides to make it a ski resort with the help Harry Morgan who is chock full of fronteir gumption. 

It's a cute little film that I shouldn't like half as much as I should.  Mostly I like Harry Morgan who manages to keep dignity even while saying something like "flippery didgets."  Dean is at best mild for a comedian but he's likeable enough, and Keenan gets to growl like he really is some bad ass. 

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