Saturday, December 4, 2010

Sym-bionic titan

Well last night was the season finale for "Sym-Bionic Titan."  First don't get me started on the whole thing about short seasons.  "The Walking Dead," has only six episodes for its first season?  Come on.  Seriously, its time we insist as consumer the return to some standards.  I hate blinking and finding my favorite series in hiatus.

Saying that, it was a pretty good episode.  Finally, the earth's secret anti alien squad moves in on our gang of friendly aliens.  I know the bell bottom and scarf look is a call back to the seventies giant robot style fasions, but  I can't shake the idea they are probably all have low morale thanks to the uniform.  "Do I have to wear the yellow scarf?"

Be that as it may, and it may not be much, they certainly kicked our heroes to the curb.  Captured they are interrogated until they managed to escape with the help of another prisoner.  Of course, we the audience already guess that the helpful prisoner is really Solomon the leader of  the G3.  Not to many folks have that silvery mane, but since our heroes haven't been introduced as yet, it all works dramatically.  In the end they do escape but not without realizing that now they have another threat to worry about, a threat that just happens to have some of their tech already.  Where did that come from?

The season as a whole has been great.  I love the robot Octos/Newton the best of all the characters.  Since he has to take the role of both nerdy friend and father figure, he is constantly having to deal with and learn about humans in all sorts of odd situations.

Let's see Hal deal with that.
Oh and to be fair, Solomon's gang isn't any worst dressed than these rubes..

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