Monday, February 28, 2011

Area 51

Shame this isn't based on the video game. I wasted many a quarter on that little money sucker. By the way, with a video pistol I'm a dead shot. This though is an original (??) Sci Fi channel feature.

Oh oh raggy.

Well for once, this isn't a total clustercraftfarkingdorf. The basic plot is silly. The Powers that Be open up some levels of the fabled Area 51 to some skeptical press and politicians to show "hey we have no aliens here." Meanwhile alien shape shifting "Patient Zero" escapes and frees different aliens in a bid to escape.

Yeah, the government would let rabble rousin media types roam though Area 51, not. But once you get past that it is for the most part an entertaining creature feature. There is a nice selection of alien monsters with different motives and powers. There are scenes to actually give the humans character and the whole thing moves at a fast pace.

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