Friday, February 18, 2011

They Fight Crime part 2

I can see a problem arising for our masked heroes. The bad guys are just not going to sit around and let them get kicked around by freaks in masks. Eventually they are going to call in the Pro from Dover.

The pro here is an expert killer but doesn't inspire loyalty in any of the people who have hired him. That's because he's a burnt out case, he's tried every ideology and has found them all wanting. All it has left him is a skill set for homicide.

Upon hearing the assignment he finds himself curious. Crazed people in masks hitting organized crime. Totally crazy, they should have the survival time of soap fish, but they are still at it. Our pro develops a plan. Since they are acting like comic book heroes, he'll act like a comic book villain. That would be sure to attract them to him, and he'll have the kill zone ready in advance. Given their theatrical motif and the pro's own philosophy (or lack thereof) his identity of the villain is easy to craft.

World tremble and fall to your knees.  Here comes..... THE CRITIC!

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