Sunday, February 27, 2011

World Building 101: The Almost Pattern

If you think building a world requires a logical, reasonable approach, then just look at ours.  Forget complicated philosophy look at something as supposedly simple of language.  "I before E except after C," indeed.  How many examples against that rule can you think of?? 

Imagine a society hundreds of years old with various philosophers over time struggling over the basic nature of of the universe.  Finally one mage, Qi Li Won unifies the concept of elements into a basic table called the Qi.  The Qi runs like this:


water            earth             air/mist
shina            ana               urnu
1                  2                  4

salts            metals           gold/gems
shiko           ako               urkaa
3                 5                   7

wood          flesh              spirit
wunu           linu                mun
8                 10                  14

female         null                 male
baa             ova                 kal
9                11                   13

lusts          crafts               reason
raka          nana                 laan
16            20                     22

death/hate conflict             life/love
raku          nanu                 launa
6              15                     17

dark          null                   light
bar            ova                   kalu
26             28                     32

Can you see the almost patterns in this table?  An interesting point is when you combine all the qualities of man you gain the number of 179 a prime number which signifies that humanity is unique.  It also allows for concepts we generally don't think of in our system like "Dark, hateful, lightning"  or "Lifegiving gold."

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