Monday, February 28, 2011


Overall the Oscars went as I generally like these things. Not a total sweep and everyone got a little something. The show itself was mildly painless. The hosts were nice enough if not very funny or that talented as presenters. The show went at a fairly brisk pace for an Oscar show and I'm sure everyone got to their parties on time.

Best Picture:                              The King's English.
Best Actor:                                Colin FIrth for The King's English
Best Supporting Actor:              Christian Bale For The Fighter
Best Actress:                             Natalie Portman
     (This surprised me, I thought it would be too much of a performance for the staid academy voters)
Best supporting Actress:             Melissa Leo
Animation:                                  Toy Story 3
Art Direction:                              Alice in Wonderland
Cinematography:                         Inception
Costume Design:                         Alice in Wonderland
     (This surprised me because Academy voters like period costumes.)
Directing:                                     The King's Speech
Documentary Feature:                   Inside Job
Documentary Short:                      Strangers No More
Film Editing:                                  The Social Network
     (I'm on record now of saying this is my most disliked Oscar pick of the year, the film is boring and about jerky characters I couldn't give a mouse's bum over.)
Foreign Language Film:                   In a Better World
Makeup:                                         The Werewolf
     (Ironically, this is a bad film but on the other hand Rick Baker won the first Make up award and is justly famous for his American Werewolf in London make up made in the days before CGI)
Music, Original Score:                      The Social Network
     (I'm on record here saying that the score for Inception is better.  Sorry Trent)
Music, Original Song:                         Toy Story 3
Animation, Short:                               The Lost Thing
Short Film:                                         God of Love
Sound Editing:                                    Inception
Sound Mixing:                                     Inception
Visual Effects:                                     Inception
Writing (adapted):                                The Social Network
     (boo hiss, this should have been True Grit)
Writing:                                                 The King's Speech

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