Wednesday, February 23, 2011


This is an interesting anime that could easily become live action.  The plot here revolves around synthesia, the condition where the brain mixes sensory feeds so that a person might hear a color or see a sound.  In about twenty minutes into the future so to speak they not only learned how to heighten the condition but make a combat asset.

So two journalists, one a pro the other greener than grass and a bit ditzy, fall into the middle of the fight between groups to control this new weapon and the people afflicted with it.  It helps that the ditzy journalist knows Canaan who is a super soldier type neck deep in this muck.  The show alternates between pulling back one layer of the onion at a time with crazy action scenes.

You know one of the problems with a lot of animation is that it is so mundane.  It's a let down given that you can draw anything.  Now Canaan here is set in the real world but it is so colorful, and the battles take perfect advantage of the medium of animation.  The first battle at a Chinese festival is just eye dropping jaw popping (wait reverse that) incredible!  My only problem with the series is I hate it when the main character is a ditz.  It just makes me face palm about every ten minutes.

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