Sunday, February 20, 2011

Young Justice

Young Justice goes completely magical this time around. The human host of Dr. Fate, Kent Nelson. Gets kidnapped by Abra Kadabra and the Witch Child. Young Justice has to make things right, but it's not easy when Kid Flash has no belief in magic.

As an episode it has a lot of ups and down. An early meeting with Madame Xanadu left me cold since they turned her from a real mystic to a faking gypsy. Why cheapen a name in your stable that way? On the other hand they treated Kent Nelson with a lot of respect and you can see how powerful Dr. Fate must have been in his prime.

The pairing of Abra with the Klarion the Witch Boy was interesting. Abra was a Flash foe who only pretended to be magical using technology from the future. The Witch Boy is the real deal, not only magical but a Lord of Chaos which means just about what you think it means. The Witch Boy is an eternal spoiled child who'd love to pull the metaphorical wings off of humanity.

The Kid's inability to accept magic is interesting and odd given that in the DC universe you chuck a stone and you hit a magician or something. But then there are folks who cling to creationism or new coke, so I guess we all have something we have to cling to no matter what "sanity" might say otherwise.

A good action filled episode!


  1. What passes for "sanity" in the DC Universe could be a whole other topic in itself. In a world where whole pantheons of gods are demonstrably real (Wonder Woman's spoken to most of them personally), and aliens invade annually, what does a mind have to do to stay upright? To say nothing of a Flash's mind. To him, we're moving in slow motion.

  2. Well that's a good point. Sanity in nearly any comic universe would be hard to define and probably harder to keep. Maybe someone should list the top ten sanity shattering events in comics.