Sunday, February 27, 2011

Monster of the Day: Spiders from Kingdom of the Spiders

Source:  Kingdom of the Spiders
Location:  USA southwest
Threat Assessment:  3.  A swarm of many small spiders the size of tarantulas.  They are generally more poisonous than on average and attack in mass. 
Limitations:  Cold bothers them.  Can be kept out with a little thought.  squishable on a one by one basis.  Really it is an exercise in stupid characters that they are the threat they are in the film.  (Hint:  Check your aircraft for spiders BEFORE taking off.)

Personal Note:  One of my favorite films, it is shatnerific!


  1. Why haven't I seen this film??! The chaos! This looks terribly entertaining! I'm adding this to my queue!

  2. you'll love it. Shatner is the loveable vet named Rack.