Friday, February 25, 2011


For a brief period of time Stuart Gordon, director of Re-Animator, was Charles Band's bitch. That meant he had to do some films for Band's Empire name. Dolls was one of the results and it really is a decent film done by a fairly indecent company.

The story centers around a cute little girl who has some awful parents. The father is clearly prone to be abusive (Don't hit her or you'll have to pay more child support) and an uncaring step mother. They are for reasons beyond explanation taking a drive through europe when caught by a huge storm. With their car stuck they can only find refuge in the hose of a kindly old doll maker and wife. They are joined by a big man child and two english birds he picked up who were hitchhiking. Soon death by dolls becomes the thing among the guests and it is an open question as to who will survive the night.

A nice little film (only 77 minutes) it doesn't overstay its welcome one bit. The effects with the dolls are nice for the budget and creepy. It's very effective to see one suddenly give a nasty smile. The actors are so so but it's enough to keep things moving. The little girl is cute enough to put diabetics in comas. It's certainly worth a watch!

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