Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Cape and the Lich

Still watching the cape but my ability to watch it has been delayed by a couple of days. I admit my enthusiasm has been dampened by the knowledge the show will probably be cancelled.

Here Rollo, the little strong man with a heart of gold, is worried that his girl friend is missing. Turns out she ran into the lich, a near mythic bad guy, and has been turned into a zombie. There's an absolutely hysterical line following the discovery missing an important clause that goes: "(The zombie making process) is common to subsahran africa, and specially in Haiti." Good job gang, it's cause of you that Scooby Doo can find work.  They also find a map to a parade route, and enough empty barrels of zombie juice to turn everyone in town into the halloween special.

So the Cape must team up with his old partner who had betrayed him to stopthe Lich.  The carnival is working to unzombify Rollo's girlfrien.  Orwell is also busy trying to thwart Chess by findind who really owns all port properties in town.  It all ends in a fun cliff hanger as we get ready for episode 2.

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  1. Certainly enough to keep your mind going in that movie! GOOD BLOG!!!!