Saturday, February 19, 2011

Today's Monster: Arnim Zola

Source:  Marvel Comics
Location:  Wherever he can be free to experiment
Threat Assessment:  3.5.  He's a genius with genetics.  He has created various monstrous beings.  He can control them via his ESP box or control rod.  His body is in top physical shape.
Limitations:  He's um.... fairly mad.  Still obsessed with nazi ideology.  He's damn ugly.
Personal notes:  Perhaps not a classic monster.  But geez.  He has a headless body with a TV in his chest.  That's fairly hard core monsterous.  I always felt that Arnim should have spent time with the Headmen a fairly obscure supervillain group.  They are all mad scientists who have done weird head things.  One is perfectly normal head wise but has grafted it to the body of a gorilla.  One has shrunk his bones in trying to be the next Antman (that's raising your sights high, not) and Ruby has cut off her head and replaced it with a polymorphic ruby computer head.  Arnim would feel right at home here.

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  1. I think I've seen this one but with a head. LOL!